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Written by Iyed Ghedamsi

The vaccination campaign in Tunisia: a blameless crime ?

Assigning responsibilities in the case of the mismanagements of a public health crisis is nothing but a basic expectation from democratically elected officials. But what if citizens are the culprits ? So we are told. In this short exploration, I go through one aspect of the efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic in Tunisia: the registration for vaccinations.

By Iyed Ghedamsi

July 21, 2021

Opening up the Tunisian Institute of Statistics’ poverty report of 2020

As is the case with most publication from Tunisian public institutions that generate data, the National Institute of Statistics (NIS) has recently released a report on poverty in Tunisia as a … PDF file. The Tunisian citizen in me cringed, the data nerd decided it would make a good project to showcase how to transform a PDF into a more open format, and even throw in some interactive data visualization.

By Iyed Ghedamsi

November 14, 2020

Get started with Plotly Dash: a COVID19 dashboard for Tunisia

Can you create a pretty and usable dashboard without knowing much about frontend development ? Various attempts at making the answer to this question a YES have been made with varying degrees of success. Probably the most famous attempts are tools like PowerBI Microsoft or Tableau which have a relatively low barrier to entry compared to solutions that involve coding. Even the omnipresent (but far form omnipotent) Excel could be used as a dashboarding tool.

By Iyed Ghedamsi

May 2, 2020